About us

Well trained workers

There are countless reasons why business owners prefer MP for all of their cleaning  works and needs.


  • Our cleaning company provides bespoke services to a vast range of corporates in Hong Kong.


  • Lots of our clients are derived from referrals.


  • We build and encourage strong relationships. We will listen to your needs and requirements, and will always give you the most accurate estimate of your costs as is possible.


  • We will ensure that you are given practical and realistic advice.


We guarantee all of our work:


  • Our cleaning takes precaution in making sure that all our operatives carry out their actions skilfully, and all Health & Safety measures are recognised and correctly tracked.


  • All of our professional cleaners work to the highest standards of professional cleaning and provide quality customer care that is among the highest in the industry.


  • Uniformed, dependable and responsible staff.


Provide the best and cost-effective solution

Company Profile

MP Solution is a privately owned cleaning and providing solution company which has always believed that the best way to service our clients' needs is to adopt and encourage a very high profile and visible presence from all levels within our company. 


From our managers, throughout our whole management team. Our managers personally monitor many of our clients' sites and they continually keep close contact with the workforce carrying out their daily duties.


Management of a wide range of 'soft services' is a standard requirement for many of our clients, and with our highly competent management team we deliver these services in support of the cleaning operations.


Our services are available 24 hours x 7days x 52 weeks, using our own directly employed labour. Training is our main management tool for ensuring that a quality service is delivered to our clients.

High flexibility to meet your need

Systematic work and standard procedure

Strong pool of standby support